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Brunswick Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme
Looking towards George Street.
Builders and Architects of the Municipal Hall, Newcastle-Under-Lyme
The men on this photograph are the builders and architects responsible for the building of Municpal Hall on the Ironmarket. The man looking down o...
Bull's Bank, Lower Street , 1935.
This photograph of Bulls Bank off Lower Street and behind St. Giles' Church is typical of the crowded housing that existed in some areas of Newcast...
Bull's Bank, Lower Street, 1935
Taken in 1935 this picture of Bull's Bank in Newcastle-under-Lyme takes in the tower of St. Giles' Church, the alleyway that leads to the churchyar...
Bull's Bank, Lower Street, Newcastle
Bull's Bank was located behind St. Giles' Church, which can be seen in the centre of this photograph, and off Lower Street. The poor housing and sa...
Bull's Bank, Newcastle
Bull's Bank was located behind St. Giles' Church, which can be seen at the top of the passage way, and off Lower Street. The poor housing and sanit...
Burgess family, May Bank, Newcastle
Private Stan Burgess showing off his new uniform, with his young brothers, Graham, Frank and Alan. This view was taken from Highfield Avenue, May B...
Burley pit engine at Apedale colliery
Burley Pit, Newcastle
Burley Pit was part of Apedale colliery and was open between about 1850 and 1926. This photograph was taken by Thomas Warham, a local photographer...
Butterton Hall, Butterton, Newcastle
The new Butterton Hall, as seen here, was completed in 1850 by Sir William Pilkington. The Hall was used by the military in the First World War, bu...
Butterton village, Newcastle
A general view of Butterton village with local children pictured in the street. Butterton village has its origins in Saxon times when clearings ...
Butterton, Newcastle
Watercolour by Doris Brown of Butterton, a beautiful hamlet just outside Newcastle-under-Lyme.