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Clayton Lodge, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This is a view of Clayton Lodge which was built in the early 19th century. Frederick Robert Patzer is listed as the owner of Clayton Lodge in Kelly's 1912 directory. Sources show that it was owned by ...

Clayton Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Clayton Road pictured before most of the gardens of the houses on the right hand side were taken over by the road widening.

Corporation Cottages, Castle Hill Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Corporation Cottages date from 1915 and were the first council houses in Newcastle. They were built as a result of a campaign led by John Mayer, the first Labour representitive on the Borough Council.

Corporation Cottages, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Rear view of Newcastle's first Council houses, built in 1915 Castle Hill Road.

Derelict house on Victoria Place, Miles Green, Audley

A photograph which illustrates the poor state of some of the houses in the area at the time. The door is broken, a window has no glass and there are holes in the wall from an extension already demolished....

Dunkirk, Chesterton

This photograph shows a front view of numbers 1 to 4 Dunkirk. They were located on London Road, Chesterton. All of the houses were demolished following the Housing Act 1930.

Ebenezer Church and Manse, Newcastle-under-Lyme

The Ebenezer Methodist Church was built in 1858 to replace an earlier chapel. This photograph shows the church in 1910 when it was very well used. However by the early 1970s with the congregation falling ...

Foden Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A view of numbers 9 to 19 Foden Street, Newcastle-under -Lyme. These houses were considered to be slums and were demolished following the Housing Act of 1930. There is a noticeable lack of cars on ...

Froghall, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Froghall was an area which lay between Holborne and Bridge street. As with Ashley Square, this was another housing black spot, these houses eventually being cleared and residents moved into new council ...

Front of houses on Bath Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This photograph shows numbers 12 to 30 Bath Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme. All of these houses and many more on that street were a subject to demolition following the Housing Act 1930. This street ...

Front view of Factory Yard, Silverdale

Houses on Factory Yard, Silverdale. These houses were demolished as part of the slum clearances undertaken in Newcastle-under-Lyme under the provisions of the Housing Act, 1930.

General view of Friars Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A general view of Friars Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Some of these houses were subject to demolition, due to slum clearance provisions under the Housing Act, 1930. Cars can be seen in the street. The ...

General view of Hick Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This photograph of Hick Street shows the cobbled road surface. These and others on Hick Street were the subject of demolition following the Housing Act of 1930. Some of the buildings are decorated ...

Goose Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This photograph shows houses between Goose Street and Hick Street. These and others on Hick Street were the subject of demolition following the Housing Act of 1930.

Gravel Pit Lodge, Hanchurch

Gravel Pit Lodge is a listed building built in 1859. It gained its name due to the gravel pits at Trentham.

Hall Street, Audley

This photograph shows the relatively new Hall Street as in around 1910 this scene would have been just a field, with a footpath leading up to Boyles Hall. Beyond the terrace on the right hand side can ...

Harrison's Birthplace, High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Taken at the rear of Major-General Thomas Harrison's Birthplace. Thomas Harrison was born in 1606 and became one of the countries leading army officers. He had a close relationship with Oliver Cromwell ...

Hick Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A streetscene from 1948 depicting the terraced houses and cobbles of Hick Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Two dogs, a tricycle and a bicycle can be seen on the lefthand pavement and a woman with a box ...