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High Street, Silverdale

Silverdale owes its existance to the many coal mines that were once in the area, and the clay found in the area, that was used for tiles and brickmaking. Today the mines have all closed and Silverdale ...

Houses on Church Lane, Wolstanton

This photograph shows houses at 11 to 19 Church Lane, Wolstanton. In the background is the spire of St. Margaret's Church. Although the houses look to be in reasonable repair they were subject to demolition ...

Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A view of the Ironmarket taken from Nelson Place. The building seen on the far right hand side was a private house which was demolished in 1930. The Silverdale Equitable Industrial Co-operative Society ...

Liverpool Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Liverpool Road looking north, with Broad Street on the right. Tram lines run down the centre of the road, probably up to Chesterton and down to the centre of Newcastle. H. Bell and Sons, Plumbers and ...

Liverpool Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Taken in 1972 this photograph shows Liverpool Road in Newcastle-under-Lyme. A sign of the changing times the town has seen this photograph reveals the lack of parking for the increasingly popoular motor ...

London Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A view of a quite London road in the 1930s. The terrace houses on the left hand side of this photograph still remain.

Loomer Bridge, Chesterton

These houses on Loomer Bridge were demolished under the Housing Act 1930. They were described as being ‘unfit for human habitation', due to their 'bad arrangement' and a 'bad arrangement of the street'....

Lower Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

View of No 13. empty and derelict looking north.

Marsh Parade, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A watercolour of Marsh Parade in Newcastle-under-Lyme signed by Alston Emery and dated 1971. The painting depicts an avenue of trees with houses beyond. The home of the artist can be seen behind the ...

Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Planning Scheme Map Index

This is the index for a collection of maps detailing Newcastle-under-Lyme's town planning scheme. Town Planning was a fairly modern concept at the time and enabled the town council to look at the future ...

Old Cottages on Wolstanton Marsh, Wolstanton

A view of a thatched cottage that stood on Wolstanton Marsh for many years. This cottage was a favourite with postcard producers, until it became too run down.

Old Cottages, Wolstanton Marsh, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A watercolour by E.J.B. Evans of a view of Wolstanton. The view looks out over some cottages onto the Marsh, with St. Margaret's Church in the background.

Paradise Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Paradise Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme was one of the first areas to be demolished and its residents re-housed in new council housing after the Second World War. As the photograph shows the terraced ...

Paradise street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This removal from Paradise Street was one of the many slum clearances that took place around this time. These residents were moved to Beattie Avenue, and generally people were removed to modern council ...

Plan of Paradise Street Housing Order 1933, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This plan shows the houses that were later demolished as part of the slum clearances following the Housing Act of 1930.

Plan of Slum Clearance Area 21 - Racecourse Cottages, Silverdale

This plan shows Racecourse Cottages demolished following the Housing Act of 1930. The cottages were situated on Downing Street in Silverdale.

Plan of Slum Clearance Area 26 - Foden Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This is a plan of houses that were demolished under the Housing Act, 1930 in Foden Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Some of the streets that surrounded Foden Street were demolished at a later date.

Plan of Slum Clearance Area 27 - Bath Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This plan shows the Bath Street Clearance Area, Newcastle-under-Lyme, which was later a subject of demolition under Housing Order 1935. The houses would have been in a bad state of repair. The Borough ...