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A Town on Millennium Eve, Newcastle-under-Lyme

An oil painting by Tim Lloyd, commissioned for the Millennium by Newcastle-under-Lyme Museum and Art Gallery. The painting contains images of people celebrating Millennium's Eve in Newcastle and contains ...

Albion Football Team, Chesterton

Photograph of the Albion Football Team.

Brown Leather Football boots, c.1890-1920

Football has been popular in Britain for centuries with the first recorded football boots in 1526 when King Henry VIII ordered new boots for his great wardrobe. In the nineteenth century the popularity ...

Carved Shops, of Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre, 1940-1950s

Doctor Chris Giles, (who lived locally), handmade these wooden shops for his children while he was recuperating from a lengthy illness. They were modelled on local buildings in the town centre during ...

Cathy Gibson at the King Edward VII Swimming Baths, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Mayor and Mayoress Knowles welcoming Cathy Gibson, the Olympic swimmer, who was using the swimming baths for training. Also pictured is Harry Roskie and some of the swimming bath staff. The swimming ...

Children in Redgate Playground, Clayton Newcastle-under-Lyme

This photograph would place the playground not far from Clayton Green

Cripples Guild Carnival float, Nelson Place, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A float from the 'Cripples Guild' decorated for a carnival, pictured in Nelson Place. The Potteries Cripples' Guild was started in 1900, and in 1907 became the Duchess of Sutherlands Cripples' Guild. Metalwork ...

Epigrams Upon The Paintings of the Most Eminent Masters, Ancient and Modern. With Reflections upon the several Schools of Painting by John Elsum Esq.

John Elsum wrote his book to detail paintings so that people could ‘see’ or imagine how the painting would look in real life. His book was published in 1700-1705; unfortunately his work is often wrongly ...

Etruria Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Photograph of the New Victoria Theatre during construction.

Fine Saturday Afternoon Football Club, Chesterton

Photograph of Chesterton FSA (Fine Saturday Afternoon) FC.

High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Ink and wash view of Newcastle-under-Lyme High street produced by R.M. Metcalfe in 1953. The view takes in Newcastle market and its shoppers with Woolworths in its contemporary position behind.

Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This view was probably taken from the Municipal Hall. The white frontage of the Plaza Cinema can be seen on the edge of Nelson Place, with the spire of the Congregational Church in Kings Street visible ...

J. T. Burke Gramophone Record

J. T. Burke's was a Cycle and 'Gramophone Agent, with a shop at 67 Higherland, Newcastle-under-Lyme. A shop selling cycle's and music may seem like a strange combination but as the number of bicycle ...

King Edward VII Memorial Baths, Nelson Place, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This photograph shows a view of the Memorial Baths. The swimming baths were built in 1906 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII and have been improved on a number of occasions. In 2002 the ...

King's Theatre, High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Pictured are the cast for the play 'Mock Trial' that was held at the King's Theatre, Newcastle on the 28th March 1919. The play was written by Chief Constable William Forster.

Learie Constantine, Kidsgrove

Learie Constantine pictured on the occasion of his visit to Kidsgrove in May 1948. He had been invited to a meeting at the Town Hall by Kidsgrove Labour Party to speak about racial discrimination. Learie ...

Madeley Manor, Madeley

This watercolour by William Callow is signed and dated 1843. It is especially interesting because to the right it shows Madeley Manor's half timbered section which was later demolished.

Minstrel Troupe, Newcastle-under-Lyme

The Borough's first 'blackface' Minstrel Troupe. As you can see from the image some performers have applied theatrical make-up so that they represent black people. Today this would be considered ...