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Aerial View of Clayton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A very different landscape to that of the present. Note the fork in the road to the right of the image - that is the junction between Northwood Lane and Clayton Road, the site of a roundabout today connecting ...

Bagguleys Book Shop, High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Bagguley's Book Shop was situated on the High Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme. It also sold stationery and offered a book printing and binding service. The motorcar parked outside the shop would have ...

Beattie Avenue during the arrival of their new residents from Paradise Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

By the late 1930s and the time of this photograph slum clearance had started in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Some of the first people to be re-housed were the residents of Paradise Street who were moved to Beattie ...

Beeston's Vaults, Red Lion Square, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Beeston's Vaults still stood in 2002 when it was known as the Wine Vaults. The building dates to before 1700 and has a timber framed structure. The pub was run by the Beeston family from the 1860s to ...

Bignall End, Audley

This postcard shows the view from the foot of Boon Hill, at the junction of Raven's Lane and Bignall Hill. The North Staffordshire Branch railway line, seen here running from the left, has now been removed. ...

Boon Hill, Audley

The bottom of Boon Hill Road at its junction with Bignall End Road. Audley Station can just be seen on the right and the chimneys of Diglake Colliery are seen through the trees.

Bridge Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Watercolour of Bridge Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Signed by Reginald G. Haggar and dated 31st May 1968.

Burley Pit, Chesterton

Burley Pit was part of Apedale colliery and was open between about 1850 and 1926. This photograph was taken by Thomas Warham, a local photographer, who took many photographs of Audley and its surrounding ...

Bus drivers’ uniforms made at Enderley Mills, Newcastle-under-Lyme

New design of bus drivers' uniforms made for Potteries Motor Transport by J Hammond & Co at Enderley Mills in 1968. Enderley Mills were founded in 1881 by Richard Stanway and specialised in the manufacture ...

Calmer times on Clayton Road, Clayton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Clayton Road, in the days when it was little more than a dirt track. In the centre of the image is Rose Cottage, the home of the local police constable, with Clayton Green to the right of the image.

Canal Plan for the County of Stafford

This map shows the plans of navigation for a canal near Longbridge near Burslem and to go to Newcastle-under-Lyme, Lichfield, Tamworth and to Wilden in Derbyshire. It was made by James Brindley and revised ...

Carnival procession Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

A car decorated for Wolstanton Carnival containing children in fancy dress, topped by a child dressed as Britannia. This photograph was taken in Forster Street, Tunstall.

Chapel Street, Audley, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This postcard shows the Main Road in Bignall End, at the junction of New Road (to the left) and Chapel Street, leading to Old Road.

Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

The village of Chesterton at the crossroads between Castle Street, Wolstanton Road and London Road. Loomer Road had yet to be constructed. A large roundabout regulates the traffic between these roads ...

Clayton Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Clayton Road pictured before most of the gardens of the houses on the right hand side were taken over by the road widening.

Development of Newcastle-under-Lyme Map

This map shows the planned extension of Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough with the agreed modifications to roads and land use. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund

Disinfestation of furniture taken from houses on Paradise Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This photograph shows the disinfestation of some of the furniture that moved with the residents of Paradise Street to Beattie Avenue in the 1930s. The cramped, rundown terraced houses of Paradise Street ...

Engine and Guards Van, Newcastle-under-Lyme Station.

A steam train thunders through Newcastle station. The engine is an Ivatt Class 4, built by the LMS from 1947. Newcastle railway station was situated off King Street, across from the Borough Arms Hotel. ...