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A Town on Millennium Eve, Newcastle-under-Lyme

An oil painting by Tim Lloyd, commissioned for the Millennium by Newcastle-under-Lyme Museum and Art Gallery. The painting contains images of people celebrating Millennium's Eve in Newcastle and contains ...

Aerial View of Clayton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A very different landscape to that of the present. Note the fork in the road to the right of the image - that is the junction between Northwood Lane and Clayton Road, the site of a roundabout today connecting ...

Bath Pool, Kidsgrove

Oil painting by John Munday, looking south towards the island, with Harecastle Hill on the right.

Biddulph Grange

A view across the lake towards Biddulph Grange. James Bateman spent over twenty years designing the house, a lavish Italianate mansion. It was built in 1868-9, but was largely burnt down in 1896. The ...

Biddulph Grange

A group portrait thought to be taken on the steps of Biddulph Grange. Amateur photographer Frederick Everitt can be seen back right.


Watercolour by Doris Brown of Butterton, a beautiful hamlet just outside Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Calmer times on Clayton Road, Clayton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Clayton Road, in the days when it was little more than a dirt track. In the centre of the image is Rose Cottage, the home of the local police constable, with Clayton Green to the right of the image.

Cannon in Stubbs Walk, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Children are here seen playing on the historic Crimean War cannon which was presented to the Borough of Newcastle by Samuel Christy MP. The cannon was moved from its pictured location opposite the Orme ...

Chesterton Park, Chesterton

Photograph of the ice-house discovered, probably used by Hall.

Chesterton Park, Chesterton

Photograph of the ice house discovered, probably used by the Hall. Ice houses are buildings used to store ice throughout the year before the invention of refrigerators. During the winter, ice and ...

Chesterton Park, Chesterton

Photograph of the ice-house just after its discovery, probably used by Hall.

China, Biddulph Grange

A group visit 'China' in the gardens at Biddulph Grange. The gardens were created in the mid 19th century by James Bateman to house his large plant collection. The National Trust acquired Biddulph Grange ...

Clayton Fields,Newcastle-under-Lyme

A view across Clayton Fields, prior to the construction of Westbury Park. Aside from Bunny Hill and Rowley Wood in the distance, the landscape in this image has been transformed since the 1970s by the ...

Ebenezer Chapel, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This print produced in 1858 by Buckler is of the Ebenezer Methodist Chapel in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The chapel was built in 1858 to replace an earlier chapel. In the early 1970s with the congregation ...

Garden party at Apedale Hall, Chesterton

This scene is of a popular garden party held at Apedale Hall. Apedale Hall was the home of the Heathercote family and was built in 1826 by the industrialist Richard Edensor Heathcote on the site of ...

High Street, May Bank, Newcastle-under-Lyme

May Bank has always been a predominantly residential area and it remained such in 2002. The main feature of May Bank is the Marsh, which can be seen on the left hand side of this photograph.

Map of Staffordshire

This map shows Trentham, Clayton, Butterton and Hanchurch in 1925. Marked on the map are Trentham Park, Butterton Hall and Clayton Hall. Digitisation funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Maypole dancing, Clayton, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Maypole dancing on traditionally happened on May Day each year. This photograph was taken at 'Redgate' which is the field next to Clayton Green.